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Dougie Harry Love

A livejournal for DHL.

Dougie Harry Love @ LJ
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Dougie Harry Love
Welcome to the livejournal for Dougie Harry Love, a fansite for the love of dougie poynter and harry judd of mcfly :) Please make sure you have actually visited the site because a lot of people get a bit confused. Basically there is a fansite called dougie harry love and that site likes to use livejournal and myspace so they have a myspace and lj community. Here you will find quite a few graphics and media. DHL isn't like most fansites because it only has an updates page and the boards. Let me explain this. A while back we had lots of pages but because im poor i have to use freewebs which is annoying so i got rid of those and use this. But this needs more members :)

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Ok thanks, please join. Most stuff is open but only because i understand some people who visit the site don't have livejournal but if you want to keep up to date then join :)

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