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Hiatus etc.

Right so the site is on hiatus because i can't update 24/7 and it annoys me.
If you visit the site theres info on how to help out, like different jobs and stuff so if your interested go now!
Also im trying to get this lovely live journal back on its feet so join and be active please :)
Yes, new layout, new user info, awesomeeeee.

If you have a site you think should be sotm at dhl comment here.
Tell me:
What its called.
The link.

Do you know a good site to nomminate us at?
tell us here.

Please post this everywhere and anywhere you can :)

If you post 3 times and give me the links to those posts i'll make you any graphic you want. If you post 6 times you get 2 graphics etc etc.
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Ive been trying to do updates on the site these past weeks but ive just been to caught up in damn coursework & revision for my exams.
Its a lot to tackle at one time :[
awww, thats ok, i understand. I hate coursework so much.


February 25 2007, 16:52:53 UTC 10 years ago

i nominate google.


February 25 2007, 16:54:25 UTC 10 years ago


because it loves you, and you love it. Like the third spot between your eyes, emma bevington, it will always be there.
aimee? rotfl.